HAProxy Configuration On AWS Using Ansible

🔰Task: Using Ansible Playbook, Configure Reverse Proxy i.e. Haproxy, and update its configuration file automatically each time a new Managed node (Configured With Apache Webserver) joins the inventory on AWS


  1. AWS EC2 instances- At least two
  2. Installed Ansible on the control node

Step 1: Configure Ansible

Create a directory using the command: mkdir /etc/ansible

add the inventory file location in the ansible configuration file: ansible.cfg and write host_key_checking=False to disable the ssh key and provide privilege escalation.

Step 2: Create Inventory File

Add the ec2 instance IP address, username, private key, and connection type.

Step 3: Check the connectivity

Check the connectivity of the control node with managed nodes

Command: ansible all -m ping

Step 4: Create a Jinja file for haproxy.cfg

Create a jinja file for haproxy.cfg(.j2 extension) and write the following code in it.

Step 5: Write Code in the Playbook

Step 6: Run the playbook

To run the ansible-playbook use Command: ansible-playbook <file_name.yml>

Step 7: Check the load Balancers

Check the haproxy.cfg file.

Use Command: vim /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

haproxy.cfg file

Haproxy successfully configured on load balancer node.

Now, Check whether the 8080 port is running or not

Use Command: netstat -tnlp


It’s working perfectly fine:)

😊Thank you for Reading😊




An enthusiast learner

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Kriti Dubey

Kriti Dubey

An enthusiast learner

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